the red lipstick challenge #reddread

Do you have #reddread? You know, the fear of wearing red lipstick in case it feathers, bleeds or looks so at odds with everything else on your face that you quickly come to resemble a well-worn blow up doll? If so, you'll have likely accumulated a collection of lipsticks whose pristine bullets you'd rather admire in the tube than ever dare apply. That's where I am; a store of reds from the perkiest blood orange to the deepest burgundy via blue-based vintage rouges that I've never had the balls to wear. A few years ago, after never wearing eyeliner because of my ineptitude at getting the lines either symmetrical or sharp, I challenged myself to wear it every day for two weeks, forcing myself to learn once and for all. And it worked. So I'm applying the same logic and I'm wearing nothing but red lipstick until I've worn each and every single one I own, and maybe a few more I pick up on the way, and have finally figured out the secret.

Why, though? I've interviewed celebrities, supermodels and MUAs who have all said that red lipstick, in some cases on its own, can be the best thing you'll ever do for yourself, but I'm yet to be convinced, so I'm determined to be let in on the secret - and then share it with you.

Click the images below to see my verdict, but also what the shade is and where to buy... EG xx


sam & nic from Pixiwoo on The emma Guns Show

Listen to Sam and Nic Chapman on The Emma Guns Show here >> SAM & NIC.

Listen to Sam and Nic Chapman on The Emma Guns Show here >> SAM & NIC.

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