Day 13: Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in Redrum.

Looks: I've been saving this one because the first time I wore it I was blown away by the intensity of colour and how well it gripped to lips. The colour four hours after applying it was the same as when I put it on. This is as bold as it gets with red, in my opinion, and because it dries down to the velour/matte finish it's a look - I've been wearing most reds with bare/no makeup makeup skin, but this requires a little more 'dressing' so as not to look conspicuous. I expected this to survive against pretty much anything so wore it out to dinner and was surprised that the colour bled on the lip line - the reason for my #reddread - and made me look a little 'band of gold'. 

Feels: There's dry-down, but given how intense the pigments are it's actually a comfortable 'grip'. 

Wears: If you're drinking with straws and not eating then this will hold true for hours - possibly even a full day without a touch up - but on this trial it was savaged by a bowl of pasta and two margaritas. 

Post dinner in-the-bathroom ...

Post dinner in-the-bathroom ...

Pros: The colour and formula are incredible on application and the long-wear doesn't come at a huge comfort cost.

Cons: It didn't wear well against food and the lip line feathered in a way that made me look like a dirty ho, in my opinion. Happy to accept this could be user-error for eating while wearing it.