Day 11: Burt's Bees Lipstick in Russet River.

Feels: Incredibly soft when you apply it - the stick feels as though it melts on contact a bit like a very hydrating lipstick or balm - and the colour transfer is strong.

Looks: When you apply the pigment pay-off is really strong. This is a bold shade and the soft texture doesn't mean a soft colour - this was dense and 'statement' without any need for additional layers.

Wears: The wear on this isn't great; the texture is soft and comfortable and there's very little grip. If you drink, it'll probably hang on, but the second you eat it'll disappear.

Pros: Super hydrating with excellent colour pay-off.

Cons: Wears off easily and the bullet of the lipstick rests above the top of the tube so if you aren't paying attention you could easily lop off the pointed tip when putting the lid back on.