The Scummy Mummies: Comedy, Visioning and Being Liked.

I'm joined by Ellie Gibson and Helen Thorn from The Scummy Mummies for a Friday night in with prosecco and podcasting. In this episode we discuss:

  • Colonic Irrigation
  • Visualisation
  • How they met and came to create The Scummy Mummies.
  • The 'high' of their live shows.
  • The best #scumoff confession from their live tour.
  • Appearing on Women's Hour.
  • Topping the podcast charts.
  • Writing their book Scummy Mummies.
  • #fakemelania
  • Who'd win in a Mummy Podcasters vs Beauty Podcasters war.
  • Fangirling Caroline Hirons.
  • Fruit in food and much much more...   

This episode comes with an 'explicit' warning.