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Ask Me Anything and Everything - Part 2

It’s part two of my ask me anything and everything…

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Ask Me Anything and Everything.

In this episode I hand the reins to you and answer all your questions from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram…

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Laura Hoggins | Lift Your Self

Laura Hoggins is a strength coach and author who joins me to talk about how weight lifting changed her body, her mind and gave her a sense of self. We also discuss her best-selling book Lift Your Self.

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Elise Loehnen | Life, Career & Goop

Elise Loehnen is the Chief Content Officer at Goop and she joins me to talk about career choices, digital media and the empire of Goop.

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Iskra Lawrence: Positivity, Self-Care and Making a Change
Michelle Visage: Visualisation, Drag Race and a Black Corvette.