Sarah Creal: Creation, Innovation and Communication


Sarah Creal is the Lead, Global Partnership Initiatives for Estee Lauder companies and was in London for the launch of the second Victoria Beckham x Estee Lauder collection, which she helped create and I stole her for an hour to record this episode of the show. In this episode Sarah tells me how to she went from the Clinique counter at Bergdorf Goodman to one of the most important roles in the world of beauty. Chances are there's a product in your makeup stores that Sarah has been a part of creating and in this episode she tells me how an idea becomes a reality, the challenges you face along the way and why being positive is vital. Scroll down for my review of my favourite VBxEL products...

Also in this episode:

I'm trialling food delivery services for a future podcast and on a week when I was pulled from pillar to post with work commitments it was a total blessing. Pure Package deliver food daily and I chose the Weight Loss package that meant I had balanced, nutritious food at my fingertips. I'm a swine for making poor choices about food when I'm busy or stressed and as well as the physical gains the mental and emotional benefits of not having to stress about what I was going to eat or feeling guilty about having eaten beans on toast again was an additional benefit. More to come on this on an upcoming episode of the show...

chanel gabrielle

I'm no expert when it comes to fragrance and much like wine I fall into a 'like it'/'don't like it' camp. Gabrielle, the first fragrance from Chanel in 15 years, was one I 'sniffed' for the first time on instagram live with the rather inelegant 'well, it's not unpleasant', but it's one of those scents that has really grown on me. Yes, it has what I like to call a bombastic impact that takes me to 80s power suits, chunky gold jewellery and the Oil Baron's Ball, but there's something a lot fresher and more delicate when it dries-down that, crucially, doesn't evaporate away. Whether you want a new fragrance or just for simple curiosity I'd pop to a Chanel counter, get them to spritz a blotter for you, leave it for a couple of hours then see how you feel about it...

My favourite victoria beckham x estee lauder products:


Right off the bat I have to mention the Eye Ink Mascara, £36, because it has a really long wand that actually gives you more dexterity to coat and fan-out lashes, plus the small brush actually allows you to tightline. It's become my go-to mascara. The Morning Aura Illuminating Creme, £72, is almost ridiculous is how it just adds a sheen of health to my complexion without looking shiny, shimmery or fake. Aura Gloss, £30, is one of those versatile little pots that can be used to add highlight - again, they've managed to create highlights that look real not fake - but my favourite way is to use this is to dab it on the centre of my eyelids to add a 3D effect to my eye makeup.