Pixiwoo: Community, Anxiety and Staying true to yourself...

Sam Chapman (@pixiwoos) and Nic Haste Chapman (@nixiepixi1) have over two million subscribers on their YouTube channel Pixiwoo, created the game-changing makeup brush range Real Techniques and between them have been instrumental in changing how women all over the world do their makeup - forever. They join me on the podcast to tell me how they went from makeup artists to global superstars, how YouTube has changed since they started all those years ago and what's next on the horizon... We also talk about anxiety, pursuing your passion, why money can't, or shouldn't, be your motivator, the power of the mind, why you should never dilute yourself and other people's opinions. If you enjoy the show please do subscribe over on iTunes and leave a 5-star rating and review. EG xx

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Twitter: Sam @pixiwoos Nic @nixiepixi

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