Mother Pukka: Choice, Pioneering and Practicality.

Anna Whitehouse is Mother Pukka (@motherpukka/@motherpukka) and she joins me on the show to talk about her website,  being an influencer and why she's a 'foghorn for flexible working' (her words).

In our conversation we talk about her early journalistic career, being a mum and what it was that prompted her to start Mother Pukka and why the campaign for flexible working for parents is so important to her. 

I dare you not to be inspired by Anna, not least because she doesn't sugar-coat her messaging, but because she's being true to herself - and in this episode of the show she talks about the highs and lows of doing just that.

Her blog post 'I Quit' is mentioned during the show and explains exactly why flexible working is so important to her. She also explains how she handles online trolls, and her early career in journalism. 

EG xx