Luke Hersheson: Passion, Creativity and Drive.

Joining me in this episode of the show is Luke Hersheson (@lukehersheson) the Creative Director at Hersheson's (@hershesons) salons and a member of The House of Experts at John Frieda. Let me just say this at the outset - Luke was a brilliant guest, not least because he's been tuning into the podcast and loves the show! In our conversation we talk about the fact Luke knew he wanted to follow his father's footsteps into hairdressing from a very young age, what it's like to have a busy, creative mind, his desire to want to make salons relevant again, travelling the world with supermodels and his pursuit of excellence. We each talk about our experiences with anxiety and the steps we've taken to overcome what feel, at times, crippling.  

Luke tells me the story of how he was signed and started working on global advertising campaigns. His first trip, in 2001, was with supermodel Gisele for Missoni and he explains what it's really like to have to step up to the plate and how creativity comes together on a shoot. As well as Gisele Luke has styled Victoria Beckham, Sali Hughes, Emma Watson and Sienna Miller - among many others. Also in this episode of the show we talk about the technical revolution, how perhaps social media didn't seem like something we had to get involved with when platforms such as Facebook and Twitter started cropping up, but also how to find balance in a world of technical/social overload. We talk about meditation, the apps to use and the techniques that can help you find balance as well as Luke's plans for the future and how he goes about setting goals.

Finally Luke and I chat about drive, about how passion spurs you on to work even harder, but also how to find a balance and why it's important to find and appreciate moments of calm between the frenetic schedules of fashion week and the like. We also kick the show off with an embarrassing tale from fashion week a few years ago when I stumbled into Luke at a party wearing one of the Hersheson Clip In Fringes. Every home should have one! There's no pesky waiting around for your hair to grow out after you've had a fringe cut in and it's so easy to clip-in and clip-out. I wish I could tell you I was a good model for it... The clip-in hair is just one part of Hersheson's excellent accessories offering - why not have a browse >> Hersheson's Accessories

The anxiety essence I reference in the show is from Helios >> Boronia Flower.