Eve Kalinik: Tummy troubles, Gut Health & Disconnecting

Eve Kalinik (@evekalinik/@evekalinik) is a nutritional therapist and innovative food thinker. In previous podcasts I've talked to guests about the gut being the 'second brain', but with Eve there's an argument for saying it's the first brain. Eve's approach isn't about fads or unsustainable plans - in fact she gives them all short shrift, as you'll hear - but rather a way of finding a balanced approach to what you eat to support health, wellbeing and positive changes in the body. 

Did you know your stomach acid should be like battery acid? In this conversation Eve shares some facts we all need to know about our bodies, debunks myths, talks about the emotional connection we have with our food, and why some of our 'bad habits' might not be 'bad habits' at all, and actually the result of cravings caused by subtle, an easily fixable, imbalances in the gut.

If you've ever wondered what probiotics and prebiotics are, and what they can do for your gut health, Eve breaks in down in one very nifty action movie analogy. 

I recorded this podcast and wondered why I'd never seen a nutritional therapist before, if you feel the same you can get in touch with Eve via her website: EVE KALINIK.

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