Dr Sohére Roked Returns: Hormones, Contraception and Conception.

Dr Sohere Roked returns to the show to answer listener questions. Dr Sohere Roked is a GP, Integrative Medical Specialist and Hormone Expert whose appearance on the show earlier this year was hugely popular with listeners. As a result the podcast's mailbox has been ticking over, ever since, with specific questions from listeners so Sohere agreed to come back to answer a selection of emails.

Topics discussed in the show:

1. Encouraging natural oestrogen production.

2. Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and how to manage it.

3. Not falling pregnant having come off the Pill.

4. The impact of contraception on natural hormone levels and production.

5. Hormonal effects of the Mirena Coil.

6. Analysing the menstrual cycle to optimise the chances of falling pregnant: including a short luteal phase, Clomid to encourage ovulation and low progesterone in the latter phase of the cycle.

7. How hormonal changes in pregnancy and during breastfeeding affect mood and emotions.

8. Managing PMS in your 40s (including would Mirena coil help, plus wild yam cream)

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