Dr Dennis Gross: Pioneering skincare, Symmetry and Ageing.


Dr Dennis Gross is one of the world's leading authorities in skincare. He is a dermatologist, scientist and dermatologic surgeon and I was thrilled to get the chance to have him on the show to talk about his own range of skincare - Dr Dennis Gross - and pick his brain about skincare generally, the types of ingredients we should be looking for in our products as well as when and how to look after our skin as we get older. What's wonderful about Dr Dennis Gross is his ability to make what can be quite complicated extremely simple and when it comes to skincare his approach is, 'If something doesn't make you look good then it's not working.'

Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peel,  £73.50 at Selfridges

Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peel, £73.50 at Selfridges

I met with Dr Gross during his visit to London to launch his products into Selfridges, which includes his iconic Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peel - a two-step daily regimen that smoothes and firms skin gently. The entire collection can be viewed here - Selfridges. Given his background in skin cancer I asked him to share his ABCDs of what to look out for, how to check yourself and why 'pink is the new red'. His website www.dennisgrossmd.com is a brilliant resource if you want some further reading on the subject. 


Finally, I couldn't resist quizzing Dr Gross about what else we can expect from him and from his range. He tells me about what's to come including new technology, devices, unique ingredients and light sources. Plus I also rave at him about the incredible Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Glow Pad for Face, which I discovered via Alessandra Steinherr and which I urge everyone to try - it's one of my hero products. Dr Gross told me during our chat, 'I want people to try products that make them feel happy and look good' and his Glow Pads certainly deliver on that.

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