Claire Coleman: Clinical Trials, Transparency and Truth.

Claire Coleman (@featuresjourno/@featuresjourno) is a writer who, if you listen to the show regularly, will have heard referenced as a 'forensic beauty journalist' who loves nothing more than getting her teeth stuck into a clinical trial. 

As people who write about beauty we sit in the space between brands and the consumer offering an objective point of view about what a brand is up to in order to better help you make good decisions about how to spend your money. Claire's approach is to listen to what the brands have to say, but also by deep-dive into the independent data, clinical trials and by doing her own research into ingredients, innovations and developments.

She does not care for fluff and nonsense and in this episode I ask her about her approach to writing about products, what she looks for from brands, what products, ingredients and innovations she thinks are worth paying attention to and what you should flat-out not get duped by.

Take her on her word, she's very happy for you to tweet her @featuresjourno and you can read more of her work and find out more about Claire by visiting her website here >> 

As a result of our conversation Claire has created a list of products she would be happy to recommend - they can be found on her website here >>

Claire mentioned these links/studies in the show and the links can be found below:

Sam Farmer on parabens is here (8th question down) :

The study about lavender oil and breast tissue is here: