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Ask Me Anything and Everything - Part 2

It’s part two of my ask me anything and everything…

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Ask Me Anything and Everything.

In this episode I hand the reins to you and answer all your questions from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram…

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Laura Hoggins | Lift Your Self

Laura Hoggins is a strength coach and author who joins me to talk about how weight lifting changed her body, her mind and gave her a sense of self. We also discuss her best-selling book Lift Your Self.

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Adam Reed | Mental Health & Me

Celebrity hairdresser Adam Reed opens up about his mental health on this incredibly raw episode of the podcast. It’s an extremely honest account of the lows of depression and anxiety but also an uplifting and inspiring tale of someone who has found the tools to find and maintain happiness.

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Dr Rangan Chatterjee | The Stress Solution

We are all affected by stress, it’s just a symptom of modern life, but Dr Rangan Chatterjee has put together a book containing the key tricks and tactics we can all implement to keep our stress levels from rising. In this episode he shares his insight on how to keep your cool in a stressful world…

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Nadine Baggott & Caroline Hirons - Part 2 | Cliffhangers, Alcohol and Brand Integrity
Iskra Lawrence: Positivity, Self-Care and Making a Change
Dr Sohére Roked Returns: Hormones, Contraception and Conception.
Emily Johnston: Fashion Foie Gras, Social Media and Integrity
Ask Me Anything #2.
Michelle Visage: Visualisation, Drag Race and a Black Corvette.