Breaking Beauty: From print to audio and the #podfam

Bonus Episode: 

Joining me on a special mid-week episode of the show it's Carlene Higgins and Jill Dunn from the fabulous podcast Breaking Beauty

Like me, Carlene and Jill have a background in print journalism, but felt that the podcast was where it was at - and, of course, I agree! As they say in the tagline for their show, 'behind every bestselling beauty product, there's a damn good story,' and each week they put their journalistic hats on and take you behind a brand, trend or story from the beauty industry. 

They kindly had me on their show and I was only too happy to reciprocate. 

So here we are, on the phone via the internet so please bear with some of the audio issues, talking about knowing your worth (when others don't!), why it's important to diversify in a digital age and much much more...