Alessandra Steinherr: Reality, Affirmations and Adaptability.

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Alessandra Steinherr (@alexsteinherr on Twitter/@alexsteinherr on Instagram) is Beauty Director of Glamour Magazine and a social media sensation who joins me on the podcast to talk about her impressive career as a beauty journalist, her thoughts on weight and body issues, the power of positive affirmations and the importance of staying curious. We also kick off with chatter about gossip, what it's really like working in such an image-obsessed industry and where Alex's dreams of becoming a beauty director really began. I went to the Glamour Festival recently to watch Alex's Facebook Live with Estée Lalonde and one question that cropped up again and again was how to start in the industry - Alex explains all in this show...

Alex is no stranger to long-haul travel thanks to shoots and interviews with supermodels and Oscar-winning actresses and she talks about how she manages such a jet-set lifestyle. To know Alex, and to listen to her in this episode, it's clear she has a lot of energy and we talk about how she channels it to be the best version of herself, how she unwinds and the only time she ever really switches off and does nothing... For anyone who battles with their weight Alex is right there with you. We discuss why a weight problem isn't a food problem, but an emotional one. 


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