Jay Manuel: Ambition, Self-Sourcing and The Matrix.

Jay Manuel (@mrjaymanuel) joins me in this episode to talk about the launch of his make-up range Jay Manuel Beauty onto QVC in the UK this September. He wowed me with a never-seen-before-texture and also explained his vision for finding true beauty inside and out.

In this conversation we also talk about the idea of crowd-sourcing on social media and the validation of 'likes' and 'follows' and his viewpoint is that we should strive to self-source. He also tells me about his journey of personal development, what years as a judge on a reality elimination show taught him about ambition and let's me in on one of his more personal projects the Discover You events.

In this show Jay talks about the Eckhart Tolle book A New Earth: Create A Better Life and the impact it had on him, and we also discuss the real meaning of The Matrix.

You can follow Jay Manuel Beauty on Twitter @jaymanuelbeauty and to keep up with Jay on instagram head to @mrjaymanuel where you can follow his travels, events and gorgeous pooches...


EG xx