Davis Factor & Lori Taylor-Davis: Collaboration, Invention and the 3 'L's.

Davis Factor (@davisfactor) and Lori Taylor-Davis (@lotayray44) are the creative forces behind Smashbox Cosmetics and they stopped by The Beauty Podcast's studio on a recent visit to London to talk all things Smashbox, inspiration, creation and a lot more besides...

Davis is a world renowned photographer who has seen the world's greatest beauties through his lens. He is the great-grandson of the legendary Max Factor and the creator of the original Smashbox studio - the creative hive that's been the birthplace of some of the most iconic images of the last 25 years. 

Lori, or LTD, is Smashbox's Global Pro Lead Artist - name a celebrity or a supermodel and chances are she's made them look crazily beautiful at some point. Furthermore, Lori has an incredible philosophy about the power of make-up and its ability to heal. 

If you enjoyed the podcasts with Daniel Sandler and Jay Manuel, you're going to love this one.

Smashbox started life in 1990 as a photographic studio in LA and quickly became the go-to studio for the world's most famous photographers, so much so it had to move and expand quickly to satisfy demand. 

What's unique about the range of cosmetics is that they are formulated, in the first instance, through Davis' eye through his lens, add Lori's insight and skill into the mix and you have a little bit of magic.

As a beauty lover I adore their products and as a beauty editor I have no problem recommending them because I know people will try them, love them and I'll look good as a result...

Having spent time with them I also LOVE the energy I feel when I'm around them, and I hope you feel it too.

Enjoy! EG xx

P.S. You can follow Lori's husband DJ Big D on instagram here - @deejbigd