Henrietta Norton: Stress, Anxiety and Adrenal Fatigue.

Should you be taking supplements? Are you stressed? Have you been stressed for a while? In this episode of The Beauty Podcast with Emma G I'm joined by Henrietta Norton (@henriettanorton) from Wild Nutrition (@wildnutrition) who answers these questions, and more...

In addition I quiz her on adrenal fatigue and adrenal exhaustion. Have you, or do you, feel stressed all the time? If you're constantly running on adrenalin - think panic over whether you've answered all your emails, staring into the blue-light of your smart phone until all hours, worrying about getting every done - then you may actually be stressed from being stressed. 

Henrietta lists the signs of stress and adrenal fatigue so listen on if you want to check off your stressors... We also talk about the Danish culture of hygge, how to lower your stress levels and how to make small incremental changes that can help you lead a healthier life.

And if meditation is something that is on your list of things you're going to get around to - but it's been on that list for over 12 months - then Henrietta's words of wisdom may actually prompt you to make it a priority.

This won't be Henrietta's first visit to The Beauty Podcast with Emma G, so if you listen to the show and want to ask her any questions email me at thebeautypodcast@gmail.com and she will answer them next time.

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