Ampika Pickston: Entrepreneur, Buddhist, Housewife.

Ampika Pickston is probably best known as part of the cast of The Real Housewives of Cheshire on ITVBe, where she navigates the glitzy world of fast cars, designer handbags and footballers' wives... 

When I found out she was launching her own range of haircare, Ampika Lox, I jumped at the chance to invite her on the show because, as a fan of Bravo TV's most successful franchise, I hadn't failed to spot Ampika's self-confidence and sense of self, so chatting beauty with one of my favourite housewives was a no-brainer.

Truthfully, I had no idea what to expect from my meeting with Ampika but when she greeted me at the door of her London penthouse with a hug and offered me a glass of water in monogrammed stemware I knew we were in for a good chat.

In this episode of The Beauty Podcast with Emma G Ampika tells me all about her haircare range, her passion for being a businesswoman and where she gets her entrepreneurial spirit. But rather surprisingly the first thing we talk about is meditation, which takes us on a journey of Ampika's childhood and Buddhism, her passion for journalling, how she manages work and motherhood, and her belief that a healthy mind is an active mind.  

The book Ampika is currently reading is: Speeches That Changed the World available on Amazon. 

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EG xx