Debbie Thomas: Lasers, Passion and Hard Work.

Debbie Thomas (@DebbieThomasSkin) is known as the London Laser Queen. Why? As she tells me in this episode of the podcast, once she saw the positive effects IPL (Intense Pulse Light) could have on skin there was no turning back.

In this episode of the podcast I headed to Debbie's London clinic and she shares unmissable advice on how to treat and manage your skin, but it also becomes clear that in Debbie's hands it's not just your skin, but your confidence, that she's careful to nourish.

I suffered with terrible acne as a teenager and though the spots have cleared up, in the main, my confidence is still battle-scarred by the experience. I wish my teenage-self had been able to listen to someone like Debbie. Debbie doesn't deal with spots, but takes a look at everything to figure out what's really going on and why your skin behaving the way it is.

In addition to her unique brand of facials and skincare Debbie also tells me how she went from Holistic Therapist to one of the most in-demand skin care experts today. It's an incredible journey - and it's not over yet...

If you have any skincare questions or Debbie's advice helps you, do let me know my getting in touch at The Beauty Podcast.

Thanks for listening!

EG xx