Anna Reich: Strength, honesty and hungry muscles.

Personal trainer Anna Reich (@APT_AnnaReich/@APTAnna) joins me in this episode to talk all things fitness.

We can all buy gym memberships and healthy foods with the best of intentions, but there's a lot of information out there about 'health' and it's easy to feel a confused by all the noise.

Anna comes from the school of strength - we're talking weights, heavy weights, to achieve a smoking hot physique, but also a high-performance, fat-burning machine of a body. More than that, she knows that a lot of the progress we make in the gym and with our diets starts with education and the right mindset. 

Her advice is simple, 'If you're unhappy about your weight or the way you look, there's actually a lot you can do about it.'

Anna's physique is testament to the incredible changes you can make to your body in the weights room and though you may be a fan of cardio classes, heed Anna's advice, 'Don't be a sheep in a leotard'. 

Anna's website can be found here - Anna Reich PT and she is also on Facebook at A-PT.

Enjoy xx