Nadine Baggott Pt 1: Honesty, feminism and #antisocialmedia

If you want an honest answer about pretty much anything to do with beauty then speak to Nadine Baggott. She has an encyclopaedic beauty knowledge and I've never asked her a questions she hasn't known the answer to. You'll see what I mean when you listen to the show...

We cover a lot of ground in this episode, but Nadine references a BRILLIANT article which you can read in full here --> Generation Y

We talk about the cult of contouring, what beauty buys you should and shouldn't spend your money on and why being yourself is so crucial. The latter is while you'll never find her images filtered or tinkered with...

Nadine shares with me what it was like being thrust into the spotlight via a hugely popular ad campaign ten years ago - it went viral before we knew what viral was, and what it's like to be in touch with her legion of fans via her YouTube channel The Beauty Know It All

We also talk about what it's like interviewing celebrities and what we've learned from coming face-to-face with the A-list. Is it as exciting as one may think..?

You can follow Nadine on Twitter @NadineBaggott on Facebook at Nadine Baggott The Beauty Know It All and she's also on instagram @nadinebaggott.