Michelle Doherty & Tom Ogden: Risks, problem-solving and mentors

If you're into skincare then there's a good chance that you're a fan of Alpha H/@alphaHQ - if you're new to Alpha H then this podcast with Michelle Doherty and Tom Ogden from the brand will explain exactly why it has a global audience that is evangelical about how good it makes their skin look and feel. 

I sat down with Michelle and Tom on the eve of the brand's 21st birthday party and it was a great opportunity to reflect on where the brand started, how they constantly but not unnecessarily innovate, and what lies ahead for one of the beauty world's most exciting brands.

Alpha H transformed Michelle's skin over 20 years ago and after years of suffering with cystic acne and feeling there wasn't a solution available she found it in Alpha H. It's now a solution she's made available to millions of women around the world.

The chemistry between Tom and Michelle is incredible and they are a perfect tag-team - as they say in the chat 'they've never even had a cross word' and having spent time in their company in the green room at QVC I can attest to the fact that they are two of the most fun, wise and supportive people I've come across in the beauty world.

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