Terri White: The perfect red lipstick, Primark binges and beehives

In this episode I’m joined by the fabulous Terri White, editor of Empire magazine and fellow beauty enthusiastic. 

One of my reasons for inviting Terri onto the show - other than her utter coolness - was because she wrote a feature for Red Magazine last year where she talked about her love of eyeliner. As a fellow wearer of the feline flick I know that those black lines are often less about emphasising the eyes and more about putting a don’t-f***-with-me barrier between me and the world. She said it perfectly and you can read it for yourself here.

Why should you listen to this podcast? For one thing we talk about her time in New York editing Time Out, but more to the point I get her to give me the low-down on Manhattan drugstores and the actual chemical high you can get from being surrounded by aisles of beauty products and skincare that all tot up to under $10. 

She does the decent thing and gives us her guide to what every Brit in New York should pick up from CVS and Duane Reade. Gawd bless her.

In and amongst that we chat about interviewing our heroes and how the golden rule is ‘be cool’, Primark binges and Madonna - who incidentally is responsible for my eternally futile search for Fire Engine Red lipstick...

Terri is definitely worth a social media ‘follow’ so find her on twitter @terriwhite and instagram @terrilwhite