Abigail James: Healing hands, grafting and pursuing your passion.

Joining me in this episode is A-list facialist Abigail James who fills me in on how what started as a passion has turned into a high-profile career in the beauty business.

Abigail James is a trusted name in the beauty world and has created facial protocols that you may very well have been on the receiving end of, as well as consulting for brands and retreats. 

As we find out in this podcast her thirst for knowledge of her trade is insatiable and she is a sponge for information on how to keep getting better at what she does - even though she is widely known as one of the best. And she also answers a listener's skincare query that we received via Twitter.

Useful links to stay up-to-date with Abigail are:

Twitter @abigail_james

Instagram @abigailjames1 

LIz Earle Boutique Chelsea - Abigail's Treatments