Margaret Dabbs: Foot expert, marathon runner, business woman.

In this episode we meet Margaret Dabbs, the inspiring entrepreneur who turned, in her own words, a knack for diagnosing and treating foot issues into a global beauty business.

I met Margaret at QVC in the summer of 2015, on the panel of the Lunchtime Show, and it was chatting to her in our dressing rooms that made me realise how we should tend to and care for our feet in the same way we do our face and bodies. It seems so obvious when she spells it out...

Margaret pioneered the 'medical pedicure' - a treatment that deals with any foot issue, and has you walking out of her clinic with not only a spring in your step, but a glossy pedi to boot. It was the treatment that would take feet from functional to beautiful.

During our chat we talk about creating a business from a 'knack', her instincts, tending to the feet of the rich and famous and she tells me how running is her meditation.

For more information on Margaret, her products and to book an appointment, click on these links: Margaret Dabbs & QVC.


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