James Read: Part 1 - From Kent to Global success...

Talk about a double-whammy! My chat with tanning guru James Read was so much fun I'm bringing it to you in a special two-part edition of the show. Full disclosure; James is my dear pal, but as much I adore him on a personal level he is also hugely inspiring. 

This is the boy from Kent who turned himself into a global beauty brand via the tanning booths of London department stores. He's the go-to 'tan man' for stars including Ellie Goulding and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

Here we chat about instagram, how he created his eponymous tanning collection, his inspirations and how he went from cheeky school boy to global entrepreneur. 

(Note: James references the movie The September issue, but the Anna Wintour quote he's talking about is one he read in 2000 and then saw again in the movie years later when it came out.)

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