Amy Regan - A 'meet-cute' with the Skinfix CEO.

This is what The Beauty Podcast with Emma G is all about - two people sitting down, sharing information and having an absolute giggle along the way. 

In this episode I meet with SkinFix CEO Amy Regan during the UK launch of the range to talk beauty, being the boss and the importance of mentors. 

It was my first time getting to chat to Amy, but I have a feeling it won't be the last.

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Links from this episode include:

For more information and to buy SkinFix - click here.

My friend Hannah's fertility blog featuring, among many other things, our awkwardness with the 'V' word and a real time account of her quest to fall pregnant via IVF.

Both Amy and Gabrielle Shaw referenced the book Brainfluence as a must-read.

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