Melinda Nicci: Brad Pitt, Baby2Body and Business.

This podcast with Melinda starts with her tales of hanging out with Brad Pitt the night before, and what her elevator pitch to him would be to get him to invest in her business...

Melinda Nicci (@melindanicci) is the founder and CEO of Baby2Body. If you're a mum, pregnant, or planning on getting pregnant, this is the digital platform for you as it contains expert advice on fitness, wellbeing, nutrition, fashion and beauty for new, and nearly new, mums. A qualified Sports Psychologist, Melinda's goal was to create a destination where mums could get the expert information they needed to live better and have healthier babies.

Baby2Body started when Melinda was pregnant herself and couldn't find the information she felt she wanted as an expectant. Today Baby2Body has nearly half a million subscribers, is a 500 StartUps company, was recently named in the Disrupt Top 100, and shortlisted as Best Health Tech Start Up in the Europas. Melinda herself was recently nominated for Start Up CEO of the year in The Europas 2016.

Melinda invited me to her home to talk about turning an idea into a business, what it takes to make it when the odds are stacked against you, and a lot more besides. We also talk about the benefits of intermittent fasting, from the research that's out there suggesting it has significant health benefits, to how hard Melinda found it that first time she tried it...


EG xx