Matthew Curtis: Willpower, Work Ethic and Trusting the Process

I met Matthew Curtis (@matthewcurtishair) on a press trip last year and though we may have only known each other a short while, he's one of my favourite people in the industry. We bonded, in part, over hair loss. I have mild female pattern baldness and Matthew has had his own issues with hair loss, and the way he spoke to me about his experience, and how I could manage my own situation, was gentle, kind and I really felt like he was on my side and knew what I was going through.

We've established he's a really nice guy, right? But he's also an impressive businessman. He's a hugely talented hair stylist who has been the ambassador for brands, been the lead stylist backstage at fashion shows in London, New York, Paris and Milan, worked with numerous celebrities and has many TV credits under his belt. It's an impressive CV and there's more, much more, that Matthew wants to achieve.

He's just opened a concession salon in the very beautiful Rosewood Hotel in London, has a beautiful salon at Hoarcross Hall and his home salon, if you will, is in Stratford-upon-Avon - next stop, the world?

I talk to Matthew about how he's achieved so much since starting out working at Toni & Guy, what his aspirations are for the future and when he's going to find time to take a holiday. 

We chat about work ethic, being a wheeler-dealer, the importance of having confidence in yourself and not getting caught up in the muck and bullets. 

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