Storm in an E cup

I'm going to keep this short and sweet because I'm speaking exclusively here to girls with boobs over a C cup. More specifically, girls over a C cup who don't have firm, perky chests but rather a wild-on-the-loose set of chesticles that need to be caged in underwiring and full cups in order not to spill out like the Hoover Dam and look wobbly and comical under clothes. Still with me? Good.

In day-to-day life I've nailed the bra thing. The Gossard Glossie bras are second-to-none for full cuppage that's still feminine and doesn't feel like you've been strapped into an Iron Maiden. If they could just make it in an opaque fabric they would have created the perfect bra, in my opinion. I've recently been given the heads up about the Wacoal Supporting Role Full Cup Bra by my most excellent beauty colleague Leah Hardy, which is a no-nonsense sturdy number that still manages to look good too. 


What has always bothered me is finding a sports bra. For high impact Shock Absorber have it covered, although Nike, have some pretty wonderful options too in bra sizing. It's the other activities like yoga and pilates where you don't need quite so much knee-in-the-back corsetry to protect your Coopers ligaments and prevent sag that has always been my Holy Grail. 

It's been with a mixture of hope and reluctance that I've bought 'bralets' in a medium for these sorts of pursuits, but the combination of a small back and large breasts means I end up looking squashed, or return from a downward dog with two hotdog-buns-for-boobs somehow jostling in the middle of the bralet desperately trying to escape. 

I had all but given up, and in another fit of hope I bought a pretty-looking crop top from Fabletics - after two years of thinking about signing up for the scheme I hasten to add. And you know what? I think Fabletics may have done it. The brand from Kate Hudson - she of perky breast, perfect insta-life and most show-stopping smile on earth - has created the Fiddy bra that merges function and design rather beautifully. The back is all intricate strapping - something I thought I could never wear anywhere but in bed - and because the front is high the effect is complete encasement. 

I can get my Yin on in complete confidence, perform a sweaty Vinyasa flow without having to worry about 'tucking' in my boobs between poses while also feeling a teensy bit fashionable. I may have to bulk buy!

If any of the above boob strife has affected you, it's definitely worth a look...