Real Techniques by Sam & Nic: MultiTech Collection

Pixiwoo's Sam and Nic have, in my opinion, revolutionised how millions of women apply their makeup. Not just because their YouTube channel demonstrates easy-to-follow techniques for creating everything from 'no makeup makeup' to high-glam, but because their collection of Real Techniques brushes has made achieving a professional-looking finish possible and affordable. 

With Real Techniques it didn't seem entirely possible there was much room for improvement on makeup brushes and applicators. But that's what they've done with the launch of the MultiTech Collection, and there's a significant point of difference...

The brushes compliment the existing Real Techniques brushes while also being a stand-alone collection. The newness is a universal shape - a pointed, tapered brush of handcut, ultraplush synthetic bristles - the same on all the brushes from the XXXS to the XXXL. There are seven brushes in total, plus a sponge, and they can be used with powders, liquids and cream formulas. 

The feel of this collection is different; a tapered, weighted brush handle gives a chic finish and a sense of more control during application.

The point XXXS is what smokey eyes are made of - allowing you to carry a lot of pigment into the lash line while giving you the dexterity to then blend. The larger brushes have the precision potential to add highlight and contour and also blend and buff with a smidge more pressure. The smallest brushes - XXXS, XXS, XS - give you blendability, allow you build a strong crease and also buff in a base colour. 

I've been using the brushes since the launch party earlier this month and love taking XXXL Kabuki brush out with me when I have a busy day. A quick 'buff' seamlessly freshens and smooths what I've applied in the morning and makes makeup look brand new. It's a lot easier than reapplying and is also a lot less bulky than carrying a loose powder, bronzer, highlighter and blusher around. 


The Small Points Set, £30 (four brushes plus stand). Point L, £16. Point XL, £18. Point XXXL, £18. Point Makeup Sponge, £10. Find the brushes and tutorials by Sam and Nic here -- MultiTech on Real Techniques.