Tonight Matthew, I'm going to be...

This week the after dinner chatter at girls' night turned to how we'd spend a lottery win. 

It's fairly obvious we'd all upgrade our homes, cars and holidays, but if a windfall in the tens of millions could make all our dreams come true, what would those dreams be?

My new home would have a reformer pilates room, flooded with natural light obviously, and there would also be a dance studio. Why? Because my millions would buy me a dance teacher who would come to my house daily and teach me the full choreography for Beyoncé's last tour. And that's just for starters...

I'd also take singing, guitar, piano and drum lessons, so perhaps it would be wise to have a recording studio in the grounds of the new McMansion.

The point is, I'd use the time and money winning the lottery would afford me to become a pop star. I'm not sure who I'd perform to, I may be the next Florence Foster Jenkins for all I know.

The question I had to ask myself was 'why music?' I have never pursued it as a career or hobby, in large part because of a lack of confidence, oh, and skill. 

It all comes back to Prince. 

In the summer of 1984 my family flew to New York for a month-long epic adventure that took in Manhattan, Disney World and a few stop-offs in-between. 

Other than being sprung by my mother for stealing all the toiletries from every hotel we stayed in (future beauty editor?) my other memory of the trip was listening to Prince's Purple Rain album. I was six years old and plugged into every beat, guitar riff and those trademark vocals.

When I eventually saw the video of Prince performing Purple Rain I was mesmerised and from that point forward every time I heard that song I'd daydream that it was me playing the guitar.

The movie, which in fairness I was a wee bit too young to watch, is still one of my favourite films of all time [in the Top 5 with Casino Royale, Point Break, The Lost Boys and Terminator 2: Judgment Day.] I was captivated by Prince, but also his band 'The Revolution' and Wendy Melvoin who rocked a rhythm guitar like a badass.

I have friends whose connection to Prince is much greater than mine. They've been behind the purple curtain, hung out with him and been welcomed into his inner circle.

I never saw him live and was a fair-weather fan who loved his hits, but didn't scratch beneath the surface of his vast discography. That doesn't mean he didn't have a huge impact on me, or more specifically, that six year old girl who couldn't help but sing and dance - perhaps a little suggestively after seeing some of Prince's stage moves - with his music. 

Since news broke of his death I've re-watched Purple Rain twice (all the performances at least five times) and listened to his music on repeat. Listening with a slightly different ear confirms what was obvious with every song he wrote, composed and performed - that guy is a fricking genius.