It's time to get organised...

This blog post is interrupting part of a regular Sunday night ritual, but I have good reason. Trust.

At this time of the weekend I go through my emails, notes and diary and commit the schedule of the week ahead to memory. I may check in throughout the week, but this is the basis and groundwork for how I get organised. 

It's been foolproof, well 99% at least, for years. I have a freakishly good memory for trivia you see. I can recall telephone numbers from the 80s, characters' names from movies I saw two decades ago and my internal sat nav is pretty solid. Having said that it appears 38 years of information have slowed down my hard drive and my 'brain diary' has been a bit weak of late. Not ideal for a busy freelancer juggling lots of different projects.

I've had paper diaries for years - the online ones might be organised, but I need to write things down if I don't want them to evaporate instantly - and my love for the Smythson Mayfair Diary is one I went public with the first time I wrote on its featherweight blue pages.

However, it felt like it was time for something new and after a recommendation from a friend in the US I have found it. The Passion Planner.

It's not just a diary. Yes, it has a week-to-view format, but there are some additional elements that are helping me untangle some of the knots committing too many things to memory have tied me up in.

The Passion Planner asks you the sorts of questions that help you organise your thoughts as well as your time. Setting goals and creating to-do lists are pretty obvious, but it does it in a much more inventive way than I've seen before and in a way that doesn't make me feel like I'm back in sixth form.

I'll let you discover it for yourself because the whole thing is a Kickstarter project so I don't want to share too much detail when the price is pretty reasonable and you can download it from the website. 

If you see me clutching a leather-bound book or furiously making notes, you'll know what it is...

How do you stay organised..?