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love your selfie

Hands up if you've never taken a selfie? We've all done it, right?! And we've all known that feeling of thinking we look pretty good, only for the camera roll to reveal a series of snaps in which you look shinier than you'd like, rounder in the face and not as smokin' as you looked in the mirror before you left the house. One of the reasons? Your make-up might not be as selfie ready as you are. Fear not, here's a breakdown of some of the best for banishing shine, getting your contour on point and giving you a fullsome, but not puffy, pout... THE SELFIE MAKE-UP EDIT.

Want your pale to turn into a glow..?

Want your pale to turn into a glow..?

the best fake tan for pale skin -- via the telegraph

If your skin is on the pale side a dabble with a bottle of self-tan can be the road to an orange-toned disaster. That doesn't mean you can't warm your pale skin with something that's a little golden or deliciously sun-kissed. The key is knowing which formulas have a little, and not too much, DHA - the tanning ingredient that adds bronze. Read on to find out more >> THE BEST FAKE TAN FOR PALE SKIN.

The best mascaras of 2016.

The best mascaras of 2016.

a year of beautiful mascaras -- via the telegraph

Mascaras used to be simple things: black, gloopy formulas and bristly brushes. In the last decade we've seen plastic brushes, a wide variety of brush shapes, bristles, prongs and let's not forget the formulas, which have become more than just a coating for lashes with the ability to curl, lengthen and volumise. 2016 saw a slew of new launches with new brush technology and complex formulas. Read more >> THE BEST MASCARAS OF 2016.

The best foundations for glowing skin -- via the telegraph

Concealer covers up the little imperfections we'd prefer the world didn't see, but with foundation you can create a halo of beautiful skin - if you know the right formulas to choose... The key is knowing the ingredients that'll bring your dull, morning skin to life... Think caffeine, vitamin B and formulas packed with vitamins and minerals, your foundation can not only give you beautiful skin, but feed your skin like a super-healthy green juice. Read more >> THE BEST FOUNDATIONS FOR GLOWING SKIN.

how to avoid fake tan disasters -- via The telegraph

With a little help from the A-list's go-to tanning guru, James Read, here are the no-nonsense self-tan tips to ensure a smooth, professional finish every time. From what to do two days before you tan, to how to maintain it after you've applied, James has all the answers and some clever tips for avoiding the common pitfalls of DIY tanning. Read more >> HOW TO APPLY SELF TAN.

beauty school: leg waxing -- via the telegraph

Redness, ingrown hairs and pain go hand-in-hand with leg waxing, right?! Wrong! In this piece I quizzed Alley Laundry, the founder of Parissa, for her top-tips to avoid waxing fails. The good news is that a few simple tricks can take the 'ouch' out of your at-home and in-salon hair removal sessions. Read more >> LEG WAXING: HOW TO PROPERLY REMOVE HAIR.

how to fill brows with powder -- via the telegraph

It's a good thing the age of the brow is upon us. It means that indiscriminate plucking is a thing of the past, drawn-on brows are something we'd rather forget, and a new era of natural-looking symmetrical brows is upon us. The biggest change you can make to your brows, other than shaping, is to 'fill' them and powder provides the perfect texture and finish. This how-to gives you everything you need for beautiful brows. Read more >> HOW TO FILL BROWS WITH POWDER.