How to deal with office politics.

When I suggested the idea #apodadayinmay in the podcast's closed Facebook group and asked what people wanted to hear, questions and requests for shows about how to deal with office politics, corporate culture and workplace issues made up about 60% of the comments. So in this episode I want to address the topic as a whole, offers some resources but also use it as a place to say that this definitely a subject we are going to explore in much more detail with the help of experts and contributors who can add value to the conversation.

In the meantime, here are the links referenced in the show:

How to Survive a Cutthroat Corporate Culture by Liz Ryan on

The Moment I Realised I was Working for an Idiot by Liz Ryan on

What I Learned about Office Politics that Changed my Career by Bonnie Marcus on

5 Tips for Dealing with Office Politics when you're a Nice Person on

Office Politics: How to Thrive in a World of Lying, Backstabbing and Dirty Tricks by Oliver James.

Be Bulletproof: How to achieve success in tough times at work by James Brooke and Simon Brooke.

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