#26HABITS -- 1. No Shop-Bought Coffee

I'm not a big fan of resolutions - it's too much pressure and, in my opinion, can set you up for failure. Committing to do something for a whole year takes more planning than a couple of free days between Christmas and New Year, so instead I'm breaking down the year in 26 two week sections with the intention to break or make a habit during each fortnight. After all, if the goal is to better yourself then guaranteeing yourself a series of wins throughout the course of the year could potentially have an incredibly positive effect on self-esteem, self worth and even broaden your horizons and be the prompt you need to tackle even bigger goals that may have previously scared you. Well, that's what I'm hoping it'll do for me.

You may have read that it takes 21 days to make or break a habit and this is completely true, but '17.333333 habits' didn't have the same ring to it and two weeks seems decidedly more bitesize and doable than 'nearly a month'. 

My first #26habits is 'no shop-bought coffee' because of a) the cost of a daily caffeine hit b) the impact on the environment of the non-recyclable take-away cups and 3) caffeine dependency/calorie intake. 

The average cost of a shop-bought latte is around £2.50, which over the course of two weeks mounts up to £35. That means £70 a month and £840 a year. I often buy more than one coffee a day and because I drink soya milk most of my coffees are over £3. I actually don't want to do that maths...

Pret a Manger have actually committed to reducing their coffee price by 50p, an increase from 25p, if you bring your own coffee cup, based on the estimated 2.5 billion takeaway coffee cups that are thrown away each year in the UK. This article in The Guardian details Pret A Manger's commitment to the price cut and this feature, also in The Guardian, outlines why only 1% of coffee cups are actually recycled. Even though you may think your takeaway cup can be recycled there's actually a plastic film that means these types of cups have to be put in special bins and recycled at one of three specialist recycling depots - throw your cup in the wrong bin and it'll just add to mounting landfill...

I've already been given a heads-up to some reusable coffee cups - the one that has been getting the most positive feedback from listeners being The Keep Cup

I'll be keeping you updated on how it's going, the cost-benefit and whether this is a habit that'll actually stick...

If you have any thoughts about #26habits, coffee consumption or anything else covered in the podcast leave a comment below or email me thebeautypodcast@gmail.com.

EG xx